Will gays go to heaven

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Later parts of the Old Testament accuse Sodom of a range of sins: Paul was instructing otherwise. So Lou works 10 hours a week. Do not be deceived: You probably read that title, and muttered the answer to yourself.

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I know what the Bible seems to say, but is the minute portion of the Bible dedicated to this "activity" enough to, without a doubt, say a practicing homosexual will go to hell?

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What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

If you would like some help following Christ while dealing with this particular issue, Christianity. She went through years of self-loathing, but then decided that liking herself is more important than trying to lose a battle which twenty years of diets have convinced her she will never win. Homosexual sin is serious. Two important and sobering truths are apparent from these verses: So you can see that it is possible to have a homosexual nature and yet be a Christian. He is saving up money to have a really comfortable retirement. How could you even know?

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Paul may be highlighting it because it is a particularly vivid example, and may have been especially pertinent for his readers in Rome given their cultural context. Practicing Homosexuals Can Go to Heaven? He assumes there will be those who deny this teaching, and argue that some forms of homosexual conduct are acceptable to God. His purpose was to get them to realize that defrauding other Christians is not an acceptable loophole. Paul urges his readers not to be deceived on this point. All of our desires have been distorted by sin.

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