What god says about being gay

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Turning to the New Testament, Romans 1 has much to say about the nature and character of homosexual behaviour. God has spoken about this issue; we dare not be silent. In regard to marriage, it's important to remember that the Bible was written in a patriarchal culture that assumed men were in control and women were subject to them. The New Testament also prohibits homosexual marriage. It is one example of what is wrong with all of us. The account describes the men of the city attempting to forcibly have sex with two angelic visitors to the city, who have appeared in the form of men.

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Paul may be highlighting it because it is a particularly vivid example, and may have been especially pertinent for his readers in Rome given their cultural context.

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Is Homosexuality A Sin

Consequently, it cannot be claimed that the Bible says anything at all about it. So what does all this mean for our understanding of homosexuality? What is condemned is the worship of false gods. Our mission is to transform the world with God's Word Sin leads to judgment, but judgment also leads to further sin. He is describing what happens to culture as a whole, rather than particular people.

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Certainly, love between the man and woman or women could develop, but love was not the basis of marriage. Sodom has become so associated with homosexual conduct that its name was for many ears a byword for it. They have been washed, sanctified and justified; forgiven, cleansed from their sins, and set apart for God. But it listed among them as one of the ways in which human nature as a whole has been changed from what God originally intended. Peace, Jimmy Creech Creech was a United Methodist pastor for nearly 30 years and has been at the center of the controversy around the blessing of gay and lesbian unions in the church. It is not the only sign, and in everyone there is no doubt more than one sign or another - but it is a sign nevertheless. Is there hope for forgiveness?

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