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What on earth? I don't care enough to investigate further. Jump in My Car is mentioned as a single but no mention of the videoand Hooked on a Feeling is mentioned as an album again, no mention of the video. The official web site of Havre de Grace, MD north of Baltimore by several miles lists David Hasselhoff as one of the "famous" people born there. Can the reference to David having an affair with Mary Glasheen the porn star be validated. Mischa Barton is expected to hit up the MGM Screening Room tonight for the premiere of Homecomingin which she plays a psychopathic beauty queen.

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Bullock and his campaign have been hustling to turn his debate-outcast status into an advantage, with a round of free media coverage prompted by his willingness to attack the Democratic National Committee for its rules on polling and donor thresholds. For Germany, people says it as a joke, nothing more. In my opinion this current picture commons: Gus

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It's as if our article on William Shatner didn't mention Star Trek, but had five pages about his singing career.

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