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He has not hesitated to name names in frank and shocking stories about his sexual adventures with both male and female stars and celebrities. I'd be glad to source it specifically to Higham in the text of the article if you like. WEB DESIGN max speed 7 Tips to Speed Up Your Website Optimizing the speed that your website's content loads - will inevitably increase customer satisfaction, keep them on your website, reducing its bounce rate, and hopefully make them return visitors. It appears as if User: Faced with the fact that he had a failed marriage, Luddy sensibly decided to continue with Kate on a platonic basis. The love affair never existed and it was drummed up to throw people off the scent of the truth. Speculation, from androgenous looks and the few close relationships Katharine Hepburn shared with women in her early twenties, does not qualify Hepburn to be listed as a Gay icon.

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It appears as if User:

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Scientists have discovered the favorite Viking colors and now you can use them in your website! I still don't know what you know about him. The essential gift book for any pet lover - real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other unforgettable four-legged friends. Maybe that's a way to start getting this fixed. If you such a Hepburn fan, than you should realize that there are many errors in your biographical materials on her. Your posting about Katharine Hepburn is full of errors which apparently the Wikipedia people want to perpertuate.

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In the book he recounts how he set up men and women for bisexual orgies with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The majority of them are crap including Berg's book. Get rid of Robocalls. Cukor told my friend that Hepburn was a lesbian and that Tracy was a highly repressed, self-hating gay Catholic and alcoholic. Who voted you the keeper of the Kate Hepburn site on Wikipedia? This is where Bowers says he had his sexual encounters with Tracy. Scotty Bowers is possibly the happiest man to have ever walked the earth.

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