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And they couldn't have cared less about Judy. Department of the Interior designated 51 and 53 Christopher Street and the surrounding streets as a National Historic Landmarkthe first of significance to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. They were angrier than I guess they had ever been, because everybody else had rioted The legal drinking age was 18, and to avoid unwittingly letting in undercover police who were called "Lily Law", "Alice Blue Gown", or "Betty Badge" [54]visitors would have to be known by the doorman, or look gay. The Stonewall Inn lasted only a few weeks after the riot. Some in the crowd were hospitalized, [note 8] and four police officers were injured.

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Stonewall riots

The social repression of the s resulted in a cultural revolution in Greenwich Village. Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: Gay men and lesbians came together to work in grassroots political organizations responding to organized resistance in The crowd's applause encouraged them further: They staged a protest in at the Second Congress to Unite Women, and earned the support of many NOW members, finally gaining full acceptance in Craig Rodwell in Duberman, p. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender history.

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University of Chicago Press, pp. Gay and Lesbian Rights in the United States: Similar to Kameny's regret at his own reaction to the shift in attitudes after the riots, Randy Wicker came to describe his embarrassment as "one of the greatest mistakes of his life". When he and other people marched in front of the White House, the State Department, and Independence Hall only five years earlier, their objective was to look as if they could work for the U. Throughout the s and s, the U. When two women spontaneously held hands, Kameny broke them apart, saying, "None of that! Although Sylvia Rivera recalls she was saddened and amazed by the turnout at Garland's funeral on Friday, June 27, she said that she did not feel like going out much but changed her mind later.

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