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During the late s and s, Williams began to travel widely with his partner Frank Merlo — September 21,often spending summers in Europe. After he failed a military training course in his junior year, his father pulled him out of school and put him to work at the International Shoe Company factory. Advertising Site map. Tales of Desire Fiction by Tennessee Williams. Tennessee Williams knew how to tell a good tale, and this steamy, wrenching play about a faded movie star, Alexandra Del Lago, and about the lost innocence and corruption of Chance Wayne, reveals the dark side of the American dreams of youth and fame. He was certainly drinking heavily, and was addicted to prescription drugs. This absurdist satire introduces us to New York ladies who lunch.

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With a contribution by John Guare.

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Williams wrote The Parade, or Approaching the End of a Summer when he was 29, and worked on it sporadically throughout his life. In this phantasmagorical play, the Camino Real is a dead end, a police state in a vaguely Latin American country, and an inescapable condition. Williams also dealt with a similar problem to Blanche with having to hide his sexuality.

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Although Williams hated the monotony, the job forced him out of the gentility of his upbringing.

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