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Straight men will say no. Personally, I would like to say I have had a pretty wild life and that if I were to marry I would find a guy sufficiently satisfying to me so I could concentrate on the vows as a whole and the great sexual experiences within the marriage. This is not about you. Are you struggling in life but don't know why? Last week i found out that he has been communicating to one transwoman, i know its wrong but i was able to get the number if the transwoman and somehow got to chat with her, they have been communicating for over a year. The second reason is kink. I never really knew exactly what my ex was up to, although he told me he loved me many times.

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He gets mad when I ask him about it and is obviously lying.

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Tell us why! We are not prudes, we are sex-positive and encourage everyone who is curious to visit a gay sauna and see what they are all about. Figure out what's going on but we as women want to change our men but guess what u will loose people don't change they get better at the game so don't wait for the next lie or his promises just talk an see what u really want. Report Comment.

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Some physical attributes of the homosexual brain resemble those found in the opposite sex.

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