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Renee Joy Hughson wrote a regular column in The Empty Closet between and in which she discussed the challenges she faced as a transexual woman in Rochester. Kicked out of gay bars and diagnosed with an identity disorder, trans Rochesterians sought refuge in Transvestites Anonymous, a support group created by therapist Dr. Empty Closet Profiles Sandra Pierce Sandra Pierce organized the first social and support group for transexual women and crossdressers in Rochester, named Transexuals and Transvestites Unite! As a kid, Aaron dressed in boys clothing and wore a baseball cap to cover up his long hair. Bythe group included over 70 members, held special events, published a newsletter, and operated a lending library. Inher therapist suggested that Metzler show her wife photographs of her dressed as a woman. As one person transformed their immediate environment in order to survive, they created a framework of inclusion that allowed others to succeed.

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Health Care Pam Barres Barres discusses her interactions with psychiatrists and mental health counsellors.

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Transvestites Anonymous A counselling group in Rochester started by Dr. Waters believes this discussion was started by Stone Butch Blues, which, as mentioned before, was an extremely influential book in the lesbian community. Transition The process that a transgender person may choose to align themselves more closely with their gender identity. Wilder worked at bars, sold drugs, and participated in sex work in order to fund her transition.

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Sam Waters.

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