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That I wasn't like anyone else but I didn't know how to express it, exactly. I want the work to resonate with and uplift transgender people, but more than that, I want it to resonate on some primal, core level with non-trans people. To show the body trapped inside the skin I was walking around in. They are alive, confident and decidedly male. Click here to view. You May Also Like.

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A transexual.

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Sandra is my everything," Harrison said. It's "very important to me because we've been through good times and very traumatic times together. I want to communicate what it's like to be transgender to those people. My mom and dad were parents to so many of my friends who were disowned for being LGBT.

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While some might find raw, unflinching images like the ones below provocative, if they are meant to provoke anything it's honest conversation and a challenge to current discourse and culture.

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