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Why would you do it? I'm sure he is. And over the past couple of years, there is one person who has been suggested far, far more often than any other. It ended quickly and badly. Last night on Larry King Liveradio talk show host Dennis Prager bumbled his way through an earnest defense of Proposition 8, positing the nightmare scenario to him, at least of little girls being asked by their friends if they'd rather marry a girl or a boy.

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For years, and with the best of intentions, gay activists have been reluctant to call the struggle for full and equal rights under the law what is actually is:

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Well, Mike Rowe, we are delighted to have you with us and we're delighted that you're in another room so we cannot smell you. Your fantasies can continue unabated: So ladies and gentlemen, because we could no longer defy your will, we are pleased to welcome the creator and host of Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs," Mr. And I could not find the winding mechanism on this doll. You do dirty jobs, so we were certain you've never heard of this guy. Some things are simply too hideous. He's a different Mike Rowe.

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The circumstances and manifestation of justice may change, from decade to decade, but the principles of justice remain inviolable. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Who Is Matthew Meese Wife? Meanwhile, I told that particular misinformed commenter that I felt there was no way Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs would be shilling for Ford Trucks if they had any inkling he was a homosexual. You know, you really can't put it past me.

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