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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Sexism, homophobia and transphobia in a sample of Italian pre-service teachers: See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Find articles by Paolo Valerio. In a survey of nearly young adults, Franklin found that a substantial proportion of antigay assailants perceived their actions to be enforcing gender norms. It is plausible that an intersection amalgam Black poor women would show minority stress effects that Blacks or Women as a whole do not show. All participants received the same sequence.

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Elder Care CDSC provides mediation services designed to families make decisions about how to manage the changing needs of older adults.

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Parenting Desire and Minority Stress in Lesbians and Gay Men: A Mediation Framework

Sexism and attitudes toward same-sex parenting in a sample of heterosexuals and sexual minorities: To our knowledge, the PMF has not yet been applied to parenting dimensions e. The achievement of social well-being defined by this construct overlaps with outcomes suggested by models of sexual identity formation in LGB persons: Furthermore, as gender is a fundamental dimension of parenthood [ 14 ], the difference between women and men was considered as a potential moderator. One explanation for this discrepancy may lie in methodological differences between this and prior research.

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Sexual orientation identity formation: Respondents could have used any identity labels referring to themselves e. In addition, these findings need to be extended to broader adult samples beyond male college students. In the present sample, alpha reliability coefficients of. The mediator guides and facilitates conversation, helping people to sort out their needs and interests. Masculine Gender Role Stress. In contrast to our findings regarding social well-being, we did not find support for any of the hypotheses regarding psychological well-being.

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