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Avoiding sexual abuse, in particular rape by other prisoners or correctional officers, was another reason why men described their choice to avoid sexual relationships while incarcerated. The single-sex environment of prisons creates especially constricted views of gender roles, with a culture of hyper-masculinity dominating male prisons. Despite his close sexual relationship, Joaquin additionally describes racialized codes of masculinity that he navigates:. If he was making this up, what did he hope to get out of such an embarrassing story? Institutionalized Indifference: However, as challenging as it was for him to resist developing a sexual relationship with this man, he is clear about the reasons why. Coming out as gay — in prison by Phil Forder.

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Men sexually abuse others to establish dominance, power and to maintain their masculinity.

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Hogan, S. Dumont, D. Carceral intimacies demand that we — as scholars, as social change activists, as engaged citizens — listen to the narratives of the incarcerated as we configure research and practice on sexualities and penal institutions.

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Attending to the narratives themselves as well as the material realities that they represent, structural intimacies conjoin critical analysis of the material, cultural and discursive production of sexual bodies.

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