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They don't need to listen to Nick say for the millionth time that he doesn't want to talk about Miley or Selena or whatever other girl someone somewhere has pictures of him with. Something struck him as odd. Vanessa makes a new friend: Things couldn't possibly get any worse from here. But now, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't curious. The prospect excited him. Plus, even Frankie freaking beat him the other day and he needs some sort of redemption.

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He needs to not wake up until two o'clock and to play Xbox, and eat his mom's baked ziti and then go back to sleep for, like, ever.

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Kevin Jonas Sr. Has 'Real Concerns' Sons Kevin, Joe, Nick and Frankie Will Also Get Colon Cancer

How one single moment in time can change everything. And yet, you allow this to happen? Doug stifled a yawn as he turned his gaze away from his more argumentative companions and towards the window to his left. Joe leaned forward, dragging his tongue over Nick's tip, the bitter taste of precum coating his tongue. It really means a lot to us.

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Once they are both in the cabin they relax and let their feelings out. Maybe Joe's better at drumming than he thought. There couldn't be one in our school. For Joe, the only way he'll worry about things is if he stops and thinks about them for too long. Being gay was one thing not that he was gay, because he wasn't. Joe can hear his blood in his ears, a steady thumping pulse, and then Kev's there, his arm around him. And that leads me to:

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