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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On February 9,Adkisson pleaded guilty to killing two people and wounding six others. These 23 adorable baby pandas will melt your heart. His list included all major national broadcasters. They recovered a handgun at the residence as well as a letter from the state of Tennessee saying Adkisson's food stamps were going to be reduced, Owen said. All of this will come out over the next couple of days," Drevik says. Adkisson was scheduled to stand trial next month in the July rampage at the Tennessee Valley United Unitarian Church in Knoxville, but decided to enter a plea deal that virtually guarantees he will never leave prison alive.

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Adkisson, a year-old truck driver on the verge of losing his food stamps, had 76 rounds with him when he entered the church and pulled a shotgun from a guitar case during a children's performance of the musical "Annie.

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Man gets life sentence in church shooting

On July 27,Adkisson walked into the church carrying a shotgun he head hidden in a guitar case and opened fire. Remington Model 48 gauge shotgun. Other congregation members may have overpowered the shooter and detained him until police could arrive. The Harmon's are safe, and providing help and care to the people still at the church. Many Unitarian Universalist congregations held special vigils and services in response to the Knoxville shooting. The Knoxville News Sen tinal, which is doing quite a bang-up job in covering this story, has more from people who know him:

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Police said Adkisson snuck a gauge shotgun into the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in a guitar case Sunday morning and opened fire during a children's performance of "Annie. The Unitarian Universalist church hosted a youth performance of Annie Jr. Adkisson, who faces his next court hearing Aug. Adkisson, 58, has been charged with first-degree murder in the Sunday shooting at a Knoxville, Tenn. When Adkisson paused to reload, several congregants overpowered him and held him until police arrived.

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