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To keep it, she must maintain excellent grades despite hearing impairment, a difficult living arrangement, and very little money. To improve access to transgender history, the DTA virtually merges these disparate archival collections, digital materials and independent projects. Sundance Channel web page. TransGeneration was "one of the very first media stories about transgender youth" in the United States. Women earn less than men in most occupations, including soccer. Thus, we sought to qualitatively investigate the residential addiction treatment experiences of transgender individuals who use illicit drugs in a Canadian setting. Eliason MJ, Hughes T.

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Published online May 7. Films in translation — voices for all: Rielle explained what made her treatment experiences unique: Archived from the original on November 3, These findings illustrate the need for gender-based, anti-stigma policies and programs to be established within existing addiction treatment programs. University of Manitoba; They are the 'Transgeneration.

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World of Wonder's next reality television show with a transgender theme was Sex Change Hospital infollowed by Transamerican Love Story in A year after taping the series, World of Wonder produced a half-hour reunion show, TransGeneration Reunion. Fourteen participants had previous experience of addiction treatment and their experiences varied according to whether their gender identity was accepted in the treatment programs. Stigmatization is a social process dependent upon power that nurtures and reproduces social inequalities; consequently there are multiple ways stigma occurs [ 12 - 14 ]. Treatment programs alone cannot address economic, gender and socio-structural disenfranchisement that burdens many transgender persons. Scambler G, Hopkins A.