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Sinkford outlines plan for more diverse ministry. General Assembly asserts UU moral values. Keep up with General Assembly news. I live with a chronic brain illness. In addition to telling their own story of their particular path to ordained ministry, the themes and issues each interviewee related were varied and wide ranging with of course interesting overlaps and intersections within both Unitarian Universalism and the wider culture. Log In.

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At many points the only two people the gay community could turn to were Kim and one funeral director who was willing to accept the bodies of men who had died from AIDS.

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Might a Scientology-owned business be allowed to refuse service to those who are not 'clear'? A look behind the scenes at GA planning. Create Account Log in with: It is not going too far to say that ministers and other 'religious people' often claimed that their religion mandated racial bias and that to force businesses to serve people of color was a violation of their religious liberty.

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And I am mindful that these interviews are too important to be languishing, pun embraced, in my closet.

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