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I guess I'll take a look inside" he asked himself Hitsugaya placed his finger on his mouth to signal to her to stay quiet but she was starting to panic as she knew they were about to be caught. Izuru explains that in fact his former classmates Renji and Momo know of it, but he assures her she will now know it as well. Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Get back to work! Said Toshiro trying hard not to laugh -Answer the question Taicho!

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Rangiku and all of the other lieutenants are alerted when Momo lets out a scream, causing them all to rush to the scene.

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You feel pain because Captain Hitsugaya sees you as a childfrienda dude and nothing more. He then goes on to explain that she escaped the 10th Division Barracks and how she accomplished it. She took off the Captain's robe and lay down on the sofa she was so nervous. New Stories:

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Maybe I should bring you to the 4th squad?

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