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It's true that hormone therapy radically changes your body, but not always in ways you might expect. I didn't go back after that. For a while, especially as I got acclimated, my migraines and panic attacks both got noticeably worse. He started taking testosterone supplements and he felt, for a time, euphoric. I'm sure by 80 I will have had my fill of altering my hair, and I'll just wear it however it wants to be worn. Transitioning is legitimate work with the goal of making yourself happy, and reaching out and talking to others helps. Yesterday, I went in for my first testosterone appointment.

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In Ryan's case, the hormones made him look young, even well after he stopped taking them.

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Wherever you are and however you look, you are still the same person. MTF Hairstyle Guide: And I wasn't just hungry, I was hungry and really cranky about it. My second meeting was uneventful.

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This covered her testosterone injections, and it likely would have covered her chest reconstruction, commonly called "top surgery," too.

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