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At square miles, Columbus has hundreds of neighborhoods—depending on your definition of the term. Have a generic question about Columbus? Tons of jobs and steady employment. Kristian Columbus is a great open city with a cool Pride Festival. There are great people, gay and straight, all over the state. Before posting please check out our. The city had a reputation, rightly so, of just being an overgrown college town.

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There's a gay community here, it can just be kind of alienating sometimes.

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An Overview of Columbus Gayborhoods

That's probably why you heard that jobs were hard to find in Ohio, since most of Ohio's other cities were hit pretty hard by the recession and are still recovering. It's gay pride all year round with businesses vying for the gay dollar by donning the famous rainbow flag. That being said, I agree with some of the posts about people who live on the coasts who look down their noses at anything that is not NYC, LA or San Fran et al. Most of it is hidden, like racism. Columbus submitted 1 year ago by cyberika. But honestly, it's a far cry from what I was used to. As the 15th largest city in the nation, Columbus is home to a vibrant gay community, much of which congregate in the Short North and Clintonville neighborhoods.

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Good times, but up and coming? So long as they are non-discriminatory, it's hard to get outraged over something like that. If those even exist in the future. It is a point of pride for the city. As far as jobs go

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