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Some prospective students are more concerned with how co-workers or friends might think them unconventional or downright silly for even considering yoga like this. What is the biggest misconception about the class? To register for classes, go to http: I do ask about both the physical and psychological health of my students as a means of helping them select which of my sessions is the most appropriate for them to attend. I require that participants go through a short, but formal, phone interview prior to attending a session.

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Our new community room in the West Loop will make it possible to get to know people without shouting over the loud music of a gay bar.

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Gay Men's Yoga groups in Chicago

In terms of the gay emphasis, while my sessions are not exclusive [to gay men], it does not seem unusual to me that gay men are more willing to venture into the socially taboo realm, because they often are at the vanguard of social change in general. I do think it is important, though, to be mindful that gay men did not create nude yoga. That tantric yoga equates to sexual activity, and that the nude human body is intrinsically sexual. To register for classes, go to http: In my experience, other [similar] programs have lots of room for body biases to enter the selection process. Why do you think men, particularly gay men, seem to be called to practice yoga in this type of setting? If students cultivate physical fitness, it means they are developing a deeper level of intimacy—with themselves, others, and the world around them.

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My primary concerns were about the safety and health of those who would be my students in such an atmosphere. Each session begins with social time and noshing, followed by sitting and walking meditation. Similarly, the idea that physical fitness and intimacy are not the same thing from a yogic standpoint is a misperception of a deeper truth. Rogers Park Open House 9: Meditation instruction is always provided. My concerns were initially about the intentions behind teaching yoga this way, and the ethical complications seemed to far out-weigh the benefits, in my mind.

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