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US News. More in Life. In the lecture we heard from a geneticist who argued that genes explain sexuality, even though there's no such thing as a gay gene. What's Working: Unsurprisingly, the study has garnered some criticism, since the use of the photographs appears to assert that sexuality is overtly bound to gender, meaning that those who are attracted to men are effeminate or female, whilst those attracted to women are butch or masculine.

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Identical twins are genetic clones, having developed in the womb from a single egg that split after being fertilized by a single sperm.

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I went to an Anglican all boys' school. This means that the circumstance for both their 'nature' the nature of their genetic make-up and their 'nurture' the environment in which they were brought up, including any extraneous factors that don't relate to their genes are pretty much exactly the same. We asked two Melbourne twins to discuss what that difference meant for them. The distinctive epigenomic marks observed by Ngun and his colleagues could result from some other biological or lifestyle factor common to homosexual men but unrelated to their sexuality, said University of Utah geneticist Christopher Gregg.

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