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Arnold is Josh's longest lasting love interest. Camille is bisexual, solves the case in act 2, and gets super turned on after beating someone up". Season Five, Hotel, was also too graphically violent and rapey for me, but it had a lot of queer women in it. Jeff and Mutt are robotic scientist who have sex periodically with Victoria's Secret models and Ryan Reynolds [ citation needed ]. But he always felt drawn back to Noah, cuz he's just a romantic like that.

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How Bryan Fuller will reinvent Dr.

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33 Must-See TV Shows for LGBTQ Viewers in Fall 2018

Which current TV shows with gay characters deserves the top spot on this list? With a television show. Although some of these bad boys may not be mother-approved, we think they all have their own charms. In season 3 Sydney surprises Maggie by kissing her, which starts a complicated journey of self-discovery for Sydney. New corrections officer Piscatella is gay.

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Gabriel Mann Ashton Holmes E. Emily said she's had sexual relationships with both males and females Season 7, Episode 5. It is super dated and problematic and they totally have male privilege and the lesbian storylines are boring AF and Brian is obviously a total douchebag…but it holds a place in my heart. Blaine Anderson was introduced in Season 2 as Kurt's love interest. But maybe those abs make up for all his stupid failings? DeeDee is a lesbian.

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