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He was put in the back of a van and taken to the detention facility, where the men were locked in a room and slept on concrete floors. This site uses cookies to help improve your online experience. Five other men were already in the apartment, lured by the same ruse, he said. Politics Jun Reports More Reports May 8, The new allegations come after reports in of more than gay men arrested and subjected to torture, and some of them killed, in the predominantly Muslim region in southern Russia. Nation Nov

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Nation Jun They starve you. Many gay men were blackmailed in this way over a period of several years, but the events of recent months have taken the persecution to a whole new level. Russian authorities have strenuously denied that killings and torture took place in the predominantly Muslim region where homosexuality is taboo, even after one man came forward to talk about the time he spent in detention in Chechnya.

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Ilya fled days before the police showed up at his home, he learned later.