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A systematic review. Own we not better things you can do with this a little while to methods than turning people in legalized Peeping Toms? Programs designed to keep children and youth off the streets, such as foster care, health centers, and other youth-serving institutions, are often ill-prepared or unsafe for gay and transgender youth due to institutional prejudice, lack of provider and foster-parent training, and discrimination against gay and transgender youth by adults and peers. Family functioning in lesbian families created by donor insemination. As with the racial disparities in school suspensions and expulsions, these higher rates of punishment do not correlate to higher rates of misbehavior among gay and transgender youth.

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Policy recommendations Dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline for all youth and for gay and transgender youth in particular As previously noted, gay and transgender youth are disproportionately pipelined into the juvenile justice system by their schools.

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The epidemiology of problem drinking in gay men and lesbians: The conventional notion of a family presumes there will be two parents, one of each gender, that they will share a loving relationship and live under one roof, that they will both be biologically related to the children they raise, and that they will be recognized legally as a family. Citing Literature.

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