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Sonic agreed to help them hunt down the doctor. Edited July 7, by Hogfather. Armand Geoffrey St. Look at it. Knuckles' arch-nemesis, the Chaos Emerald powered entity called Enerjakhad been reborn thanks to the machinations of the Dark Legion scientist Dr.

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The monster's objectives were simple:

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We wouldn't even get to see it, because we're playing his games to save the world or something, not see him go on dates. When the Prime Zone returned to its original state, Rotor found himself in his home, midway into changing out of his councilors uniform. KDDdoodles Dr. He is a mobian walrus and was a key member of the Knothole Freedom Fightersusing his skills and knowledge of technology and mechanics to provide the Mobians with an edge against the former despot Dr.

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In that love mission in PS Unleashed you get from the bisexual dude in Empire City, the mission always refers to the person you're trying to woo as "her.

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