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Jack Rushall is a local freelance writer who likes to open windows. There will be another funeral ceremony for Katherine at City Center or Green Gulch Farm in another month or two, especially for her friends in the Bay Area. I think of him when I see his handiwork walking down to the dining room at GG. Grindr is great for finding long-term relationships. He was lying in bed peacefully and so reduced.

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Right now i am mired in southern California, needing spiritually and practically some possibility.

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Queer Pride at Shambhala Los Angeles

There is a practice for working with this identity. This means there are a lot of people who will fail your gaydar test. Katrinka was in the parade in Stinson on Kendrick Rand day. Like the present peeling — paint drying? See you in my visions. She was a regular at the Bush Street zendo in the spring of when I started sitting there. She has given talks since then which one can access via the above link to her SFZC page - but she feels she cannot properly fulfill her duties as abbot so she is stepping down and Ed Sattizahn is stepping up.

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Shunryu Suzuki arrived in the US in May of and people started sitting with him right away, but he wasn't officially installed as the abbot until May of and the SFZC wasn't officially named and incorporated until August of that year. Grace was air-lifted to John Muir hospital in Walnut Creek. Abbot Sobun Katherine Thanas is currently in the ICU at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, with close disciples and friends, having fallen on her head in her house on Monday resulting in internal bleeding and serious brain damage. A moment that will live forever in my memory. It is already seriously impacting economies, ecosystems, and people worldwide.

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