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The documents derive from Canada, the US and Scotland and are representative of government and local health authorities 6government in collaboration with LGBT- specific associations 3 hospitals 3public health departments and associated committees 5non-LGBT- and LGBT-specific health-related professional associations and unions 3 and LGBT-specific services 2. From the start, gays and lesbians harboured utopian visions; but there is no sign these visions will come to fruition any day soon. While the LGBT community is not ready to tackle such abuse and prejudices, a growing number of gay and bisexual men are creating social networks. Whose Public Health? The meaning of two diverse experiences has to be derived separately by treating them as part of two different meaning-constituting systems, appreciating and retaining the difference rather than aiming to measure the differentials by placing them within a single system of meanings. But people have found social media a more accommodating space". Initial reports from the police suggest that the perpetrator was closely related to the victim and that it might be an incident of honour killing.

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A study of policy and administration:

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Echoing the compromise on homosexuality, the A. Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation. She underlined that the current international understanding of community mental health programmes emphasises not merely enabling persons to be symptom free but their inclusion into the mainstream as full members of the society.

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Acknowledgements We thankfully acknowledge Ketki Ranade, Renu Addlakha and Bhargavi Davar for their insightful presentations form which this paper draws heavily; however, limitations, if any, are solely ours.

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