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Bomer actually enjoys signing autographs as an autistic the repetitiveness of signing his name would appeal to himbut Halls will pull him away when Halls has had enough. You're like the big Italian family I never had. For Felix, The Normal Heart is unconditional love. Nobody gives a shit here about Tataum except r who is obsessed with him. The total lack of affection between him and Halls is also very strange. I first noticed him doing the clasping at the football game. This crazy troll writes just questions and answers.

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I don't mind that he sticks with White Collar because that's always a good reputation to have.

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He likes to joke around and his sense of humor is very sharp. This is unheard of for an up-and-coming actor. Finally, r, someone who understands what is going on.

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Halls actually cares very little for the privacy or mental health of his children, otherwise he would not have done what he has spent the last four years doing.

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