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Our findings point to the importance of considering the adoptive family context including parent and couple subsystems in predicting later adjustment in early placed adopted children, in diverse family contexts. This study examined associations among family type same-sex vs. DSM-oriented scale scores and stigmatization. Social Science Research Assessments of romantic relationships and sexual behavior were not associated with family type. Checking the source When asked for sources to support his statements, a spokesperson for Kevin Andrews told The Conversation:

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Some men donate sperm for humanitarian reasons, others for money or both.

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Gay Parents

National Health Interview Survey, prevalence in the two groups was compared for twelve measures of emotional problems, developmental problems, and affiliated service and treatment usage, with controls for age, sex, and race of child and parent education and income. Given comparable environments, the evidence suggests no significant differences in the psychosocial, emotional, and sexual development of children raised by gay and heterosexual couples Patterson This study examined associations among family type same-sex vs. Although a gay man choosing to become a parent within an established, committed relationship with another man faces many of the same adjustment issues that arise for a heterosexual man, issues specific to his stigmatized social status make it imperative that he seek information and support. Children in lesbian and single-parent households: Analyses indicated that adolescents were functioning well and that their adjustment was not associated with family type.

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Transsexual Parenthood and New Role Assumptions. In some cases, gay fathers become PTA presidents or serve on school boards. Journal of Homosexuality, 59 9 Eighty families participated; 55 of the families were headed by lesbians parents and 25 were headed by heterosexual parents. Controlling for family disruptions, those children showed no significant differences from their peers in school outcomes.

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