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Most Popular Channels View More. He still enjoys sex with men, He still identifies as straight. Sitting on his cock and riding it like a closeted Clay Aiken at a down-low dick rodeo while screaming "fuck me, Daddy, make me your little bitch, I want to feel your hot load explode in my little boy pussy," might up your gay score a bit, though. But since you are so curious on your gay level now, I'd like you to look at the Kinsey Scale. Just go with the flow until you figure it out. Edit that no one will probably see:

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Contrary to what I would have thought, it really wasn't awkward at all.

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He then asked me if I liked getting head, to which I said of course. I was the girl in high school who dated the gay boy. Demonstrate a willingness to learn. Does he feel something might become of this? Most Popular Channels View More. Not only were gay relationships common, but so was sex between two straight men. Pardon my choice of words Just go with the flow until you figure it out.

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But I am actually pretty big into fags, "foreclosure actuated gains. Furthermore he knows that if he tells anyone about our setup he knows that would be a breach of my trust in him, and most likely damaging to our friendship. I think about sleeping with a guy. I'm not, but I feel like once something like that is in people's heads denying it doesn't do much good Toggle left and boomyou're gay, toggle right and your click --straight. Have gotten head from him a few times since then. Being straight, it just intrigues me.

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