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As a drag performance entertainer, I have performed in many gay clubs and bars, and I will again in the immediate future like tomorrowAugust 5, as of this writing. I drink double gins and lemonade too….: Skip to content The first time I waddled into a gay bar I was immediately thrust out of my comfort zone. I stand back and watch as they point at rainbow flags, or smirk at the skimpy fashion choices of the twerking twink in the corner. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

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I hope this helps alleviate any fears or concerns.

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The last is not as bad as the first but I would still go to a mixed gender bar. In fact, they are often the center of attention. I drink double gins and lemonade too….: Like Liked by 1 person. Are there any gay bar in Beijing? Why are people sometimes against gay and transgender people? Most of the time bars do not even go out of the way to examine whether you are male, female or something else.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Is it okay to be gay, transgender and a Christian? I tell them there are hundreds of clubs and bars women can go to and not fear judgement — where as we have a handful. Are gay Asians not welcome in certain gay clubs and bars? I wore ill-fitting vests that hung like a potato sack over my body and every guy I encountered looked at me like I was an exhausting roadblock between them and the bar. It is not a novelty.

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