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Thursday, December 13, Some barely having seen the sun, some heavily tanned, some tattoos, some piercings and other jewelry including many cockrings. Randy and Terry, October You folks made me feel right at home. The nude beach came as a surprise to us, as we had not checked this website.

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The nature trail is my favorite,

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Sawmill Camping Resort Campground, Dade City

The guys were great and we felt comfortable as we were all treated the same, regardless of what we had to offer, or what we looked like. I decided to give it another try. We promise to only get better and every trip we hope you'll see that. We arrived after dark after driving miles last November. Ask Harty about Apollo Beach. Me and my partner are very monogamous and we thought we might get harassed, I'm very pleased to say we had nothing like that happen to us.

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All are welcum and have been since they opened almost a couple of decades ago. Hey Randy, Thank you for your review and we are pleased that you have noticed that we are getting better. I would recommend that you go when it is sunny, breezy, and not high tide. How great that the camp community organized and presented the extravaganza! All the ones that have lived there for years are leaving. Also if cameras are a problem, tell us that instead of assaulting the tourists. He ran up to me, used really offensive language and calling me names and threatened me with bodily injury, then followed us the rest of the time we were there.

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