First amendment and gay rights

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Justice Scalia, in his dissent, accused the Court of "taking sides in the culture wars. Does the interest in protecting landlords with fundamentalist beliefs, who might find it religiously objectionable to rent to homosexuals, provide a rational basis for Amendment 2? Does that mean Bowers has gotten more attention than it deserves? In Belize and India, he noted, the laws the group supported applied to heterosexual sodomy as well. This Court has recognized that the government interest in combating discrimination is not merely legitimate, but compelling, and that anti-discrimination laws are the least restrictive means of achieving that purpose.

first amendment and gay rights
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Earlier this year in Masterpiece Cakeshopthe Supreme Court contended with the issue of whether cake-baking is protected speech under the First Amendment, and thus whether a Christian baker could refuse to design a wedding cake for a same-sex ceremony.

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Knapp said in an interview. Carlos A. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission upheld a decision by a Denver judge finding that Jack Phillips violated Colorado law, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, by denying service to a gay couple. LGBT Studies:

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With our reach into the courts and legislatures of every state, there is no other organization that can match our record of making progress both in the courts of law and in the court of public opinion.

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