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Other passages therefore need to inform our discussions about sexuality in general and homosexual relationships in particular. Lot refuses and when he is threatened by the townspeople the angels he has hosted protect him. There is also overwhelming agreement, thankfully, that however one feels about homosexuality, the death penalty is an extreme and unwarranted response! The Walt Disney Company has exploited the public domain while preventing the same opportunities to other artists. Chronicle on Jul 01, The vivid, crazy, sexuality. It also promotes the homosexual agenda.

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There is considerable debate on at least two questions about these passages.

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It would be misleading to imply that all of this is the sole preserve of the religious right: The first reads, "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination" But at another place Paul uses nature to justify his position on the proper length of men's and women's hair and the need for women to wear head coverings 1 Corinthians All of this goes back at least as far as the Eighties, when Phil Phillips of Turmoil in the Toy Box infamy suggested that—with only one woman in their entire village—the Smurfs must have resorted to homosexuality somewhere down the line. Are the days in which a homosexual man in Sailor Moon had to be rewritten as a woman for the English dub gone forever?

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Take this email about a popular anime series, sent to the fundamentalist website Kjos Ministries: For those Christians who look to the Bible for moral guidance, two additional questions may be worth considering. As is often the case, one's larger theological or ideological commitments greatly influence how one reads these seven verses. Men from the city come and demand that they be allowed to have sex with Lot's guests. I don't believe it, but I can see why someone would. In order to review what the Bible actually says about homosexuality, as well as what others are saying about it, I'll group similar verses below and give a brief summary of the major differences in interpretation.

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