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Ignore Peer Pressure to Use Meth Although a minority of gay men use meth, even in places where it is more common, most gay men don't use meth. Why would anyone want to invite that level of scrutiny about their choice to use when it is not affecting their life in a negative way? This stands in opposition to Roger Pebody. The use of cheap and potent crystal methamphetamine meth is reaching a " crisis point in Canada " and globally, replacing opioids as the drug of choice in some areas. For me, I had to change my sexual practice pretty dramatically. I was the father with a needle in his arm.

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Talk to your doctor or another member of your healthcare team for advice tailored to your situation.

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One-to-one counselling sessions and groupwork were offered, using online video conferencing software. Yes, the come-down can be rough and some people can develop a dependence. Our society—even some of its most progressive elements—vilifies alcohol. Online services:

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