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Not long ago I was talking to someone who was in a different cult and I asked him why he left. It became even if it is usually thought of as the opposite an imposed morality instead of an action of spiritual liberation as it had been used for centuries by Christianity. Right on, Al. He also wrote that they needed to be sidelined or, eliminated. From all I have seen and experienced, Miscavige is deeply anti-sexual, period. Because the moral code especially after is very regressive.

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My concern today revolves around this unavoidable perception of LRH and what his original intentions were beginning the first day after the release of Dianetics.

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Today you could ask: By the late 70s only 3 states had repealed their Sodomy Laws, and it was not until that all the states had already repealed such laws. Lovers are very seldom happy. LRH would have ordered your SP declare.

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Never listened to class 2 lectures about overt and withold.

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