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And she gets much more explicit when talking about buffet flats. It's that once in a while you find things stated as fact but when you try to verify them, well, you just cannot. And they include another euphemism for sex, coffee grinding. Pay attention to the second verse, which goes: Alberta Hunter helped popularize a number of songs, including one she never recorded called "Pretty Baby. Mary Dixon - All Around Mama And here's another track fromin which Bertha Idaho tells us quite a bit about a particular street in Baltimore. And as long as I'm honoring piano players, I want to include the openly gay Carroll Boyd, who was very popular in Harlem in the 20s through the 40s.

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This next song gives a quick nod to him. We haven't heard yet from Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon, and he was quite prolific, working as a singer, comedian and female impersonator. He accompanied on piano a who's who of the blues during the s and early 30s, and for a time was in Bessie Smith's inner circle, and he was reported to be flamboyantly gay. I dreamed last night I was far from harm Woke up and found my man in a sissy's arms Some are young, some are old My man says sissy's got good jelly roll My man got a sissy, his name is Miss Kate He shook that thing like jelly on a plate Now all the people ask me why I'm all alone A sissy shook that thing and took my man from home Ma Rainey - Sissy Blues Connie McLean's Rhythm Boys - Sissy Man Blues Below, also see This Link for more info "Sissy Man Blues" was recorded four times in the mids, with Kokomo Arnold perhaps having the most success with it.

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