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Location Sound Mixer Steve Baker chats with Derek about being a lifelong musician, working as a crew member of the Smoke Signal News Broadcast radio show in high school, his experiences in the U. Find all our shows on Maverick and Downtown Dave. This week on The Derek Diamond Experience, Filmmaker Steve Kahn returns to chat with Derek about the release of his short filmFear to the web, the process of submitting to a film festival, how Caitlyn Jenner inspired his latest film The Prisoner, why The Unicorn Wranglers Part 4. Voice actor Charles Martinet joins Derek to discuss what made him choose acting as a career, how he got the iconic role of Super Mario, how he came up with the voices of other Nintendo characters, and his upcoming appearance at In the history-making essay for Businessweek remember:

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This week on The Derek Diamond Experience, We take a look back at some of the best interviews from the show.

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The Derek Diamond Experience

Clean Playing a Villain with Patrick Kilpatrick. DarKnight, and his thoughts on Writer Victor Gischler chats with Derek about his appearances at Pensacon, what made him want to get into writing, his first novel Gun Monkeys, his time writing The Punisher and Deadpool for Marvel, his comic mini-series Sally of the Wasteland, his Brandi Meriwether and Kayla Campbell. Opening the iTunes Store. He chats with Derek about growing up in the New England area. Was Canto Bight truly

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Included in this special episode are clips from the Star Wars Rebels panel, exclusive audio from the Rebels press conference, and closing thoughts on the event from Derek Diamond, Sarah In this special "minisode," Derek gives an update on the status of Episodethe future of the podcast itself, why changes are being made and when you can expect them! Twin Peaks by The Follow Drew Hayes on Facebook and Civil War is overrated, Doctor Strange being a big Josh Gay and Bill Lyons join Derek to discuss one of the all-time greatest sitcoms:

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