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White, straight, long Height: Other people think it isn't yaoi because it doesn't adhere to certain yaoi tropes. This couple depicts a hot daddy and a tsundere man who are just the perfect match for each other; they deserve our first position, as they made our hearts burst with cuteness! On the surface, Christa seems very sweet, but simmering underneath is a young woman with a lonely, nihilist, dark nature. This is a very lovely couple.

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Hand to hand combat, and threatening victims bad people Name:

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I'm an anime and manga enthusiast I mean It is very debatable whether or not this American animated series could be considered an anime by definition, but this pairing is just too good to leave out. With a great amount of idiotic gags and absurd situations is, this couple is loved right thanks to a lighthearted atmosphere surrounding this show.

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As he recognizes Onodera as soon as he meets him, Onodera doesn't.

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