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Previous Next Hide Grid. Live at the Hollywood Palladiumwhen the comedian gives us a front-row view of his dual nature. And when he says he doesn't like his wife's gay friends, it's not an opinion about gays in general but a dismissal of a certain snarky, snobby — and, OK, stereotypical — gay type we all know exists. If nothing else, it highlights minority divides that nearly everyone has been ignoring for years. Meanwhile, racism against blacks and Asians has continued to fester in the gay community, masquerading as "preferences", especially on hook-up apps like Grindr.

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These things take a while.

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Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais and comedy's 'ironic bigotry' problem

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Chappelle's comedy can be sharp and insightful, but his take on discrimination is all over the place. A philosophy, even — Chappelle seems to think that the struggle for sexual and gender equality is in competition with antiracism. Meanwhile, rappers and black comedians denounce racism while mining LGBTQ culture for material and often paying it very little respect. Everyday transgender people don't have it nearly as easy as Jenner. I'm just telling you this as a black dude - I support your movement.

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Should they get a free pass because blacks have been through so much? Victims become victimisers, and the implication seems to be that disrespect is somehow justified when it comes from outside the privileged majority. If David Chappelle is guilty of anything, it's of chipping away at those minority-vs-minority divides by clinging to crusty stereotypes and simplifying what it means to be gay and transgender. He talks about "comparative suffering" and how there's this unspoken contest between different minority groups over who suffers most. If it is, then good for America. Chappelle has a reputation to recover. Chappelle's wife, by the way, is Filipino.

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