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I am at a 38A after 18 months, still growing, someday might be a real B. You don't need to know that you are trans for sure before starting your journey, and in fact, such a moment wouldn't come for me until a good time after I'd already begun transitioning. Obviously, people do undergo it, and according to that study, this may be linked to the fact that many private and public health insurance providers now pay for it. Since male upper body nudity has only become acceptable recently circa s I wouldn't want to blame it on that alone. Otherwise, the whole thing can be overwhelming. That said, it was fucking terrifying going on HRT. Only you can know if surgery is something that you need.

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Her family was not accepting her transition.

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But I definitely miss some of those chic clothes that I used to think were just for guys. Some TS that have seen me have boob envy of me, but really it's not a B yet. My chosen family has become critical for me—they are affirming and supportive.

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Thank you for bringing her writing to my attention!

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