Transgender health cost

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Esteva de; Miguel, T. This means that preventative care, such as gynecological exams for transgender men, may not be covered. The New York Times. Following developments in the U. The Transgender Law Center has taken many complaints from transgender people who have been harassed and mistreated by medical providers. However, when compared to the costs of other more common healthcare expenditures, the costs of coverage specific to transgender people's needs are comparable, or lower. The price of medical treatment or surgical intervention for any medical condition can be prohibitive for an individual person, regardless of the underlying medical condition.

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Even with a well-paying job, these costs are often prohibitive.

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Transgender health care

The City of San Francisco recently removed the transgender exclusions from its City health plan, and is now covering SRS, hormones, and therapy for transgender people. Sex reassignment surgeryalso known as gender reassignment surgery, has a goal of lessening dysphoria for transgender people, much like hormone replacement therapy. Retrieved 28 June Up until January 27,being transsexual was classified as a disease. Public health care services are available for transgender individuals in Spain, although there has been debate over whether certain procedures should be covered under the public system.

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The costs of treatments and procedures based on pricing data from surgical providers are of limited value for projecting actual utilization or costs and doing so would lead to unintended consequences. Journal of Clinical Medicine. Share This Transgender-Inclusive Benefits: Last modified on Sep. Volume 6 Issue Briefs:

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