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The winners will be announced Dec. The film's success suggests that the key elements of his relationship to society — his ambivalence toward his nuclear family, his attachment to a tribe of secretive mutants — do not arouse the suspicion they once would have. The latter is an all-female superhero team-up, including non-white characters played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Rosie Perez. A gay boy might at this point ask a parent, "Will you still love me if I'm gay? What sets "Spider-Verse" apart is the specificity with which it treats Miles' evolving sense of self, rewriting the familiar beats of the superhero origin story into a story of separation from — and detente with — both his family of origin and mainstream society. Meanwhile, Morales is joined by other Spider-Beings from alternate universes, two of whom are female one white and blonde, the other Asian-American.

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The contract went into effect in September

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Further, as minority representation goes, what's significant is the film's depiction of a nonwhite superhero. A gay boy might at this point ask a parent, "Will you still love me if I'm gay? It is rendered in a distinctive, vibrant animation — part-computer-animated, part-hand-drawn — that is closer to comic-book art than live-action cinema, and of a piece with its fresh, young hero. The agreement spells out that mandatory Spider-Man traits must always strictly conform to the following list:

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The information was disclosed in a massive document release by the whistleblower website WikiLeakswhich released this weekprivate files, emails and financial data onto its servers.

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