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What Badgers Eat www. It has a few nice features, notably the interactive character profiles see rightand full episodes if you reside in the US. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content. Grampa says he has a website in The Fat and the Furriest. Within the last 10 years the popularity of the Internet has exploded dramatically. I immediately went into Simpsons mode and suggested either Flancrest Enterprises, Compuglobalhypermeganet — or something cutting edge like CutCo, Edgecom or Interslice.

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Homosexuality in "The Simpsons.

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But more important, he meets her on the website Single-In-Springfield. It details Mayor Quimby's campaign to be the first cartoon character to be elected president; The site includes Diamond Joe's manifesto, campaign trail and a life history. Turns out this domain name like a few others on this list is actually owned by FOX. Turns out Butt.

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Homer's first website Homer's first website has lots of animations and annoying noises all on one page.

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