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IMO, the sexuality of a character in a story not set in a "real life" setting really shouldn't come up unless they are in a relationship or are looking for one, or a past relationship is referenced. It failed. My morning poem: The event was not officially polled to players in game, which led to further controversy that the developers were ignoring players' wishes, to push their own agendas. The fact remains being gay is not normal, it's not wrong but it doesn't fit the standard of a Human. It was implemented badly. For example, imagine the scenerio of jagex releasing a lot of green capes.

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It is rumoured that he has had surgery to increase his size of genatalia becuase the lack of confidence in himself pre-surgery.

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I didn't say anything about whether we should remove things related to politics or religion. Forum Moderator Posts: Because otherwise it's irrelevant to the story.

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I played a few minutes, got bored and left, never to return.

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