Oregon supreme court gay marriage

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We are evaluating an appeal to the United States Supreme Court. Domestic partnerships have been allowed since Matt Daniels, with these different results coming from different parts of the country, what do you make of what you're seeing? March 18, - Attorney General's office wrote to the clerks of each of Oregon's 36 counties to inform them that the State Registrar would not accept for registration any marriage certificate for a same-sex marriage. The state announcing that processing would take a week and began doing so within hours of the court's action. My goal certainly is not to have different standards in different parts of the country.

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Kevin Cathcart, do you think that's right, that different laws in different places in the country is just not sustainable over the long run?

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Same-sex Marriage in Oregon

On May 21,the Defense of Marriage Coalition received approval for the language of a proposed initiative to prohibit same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in Oregon since May 19,when a U. And I think that's important. In March and AprilMultnomah County issued marriages licenses to more than 3, same-sex couples until ordered by a state judge to stop doing so. But they are not unified on the subject of benefits, which is why it's proper for the democratic process as has happened in Connecticut to decide those issues.

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Retrieved August 28, Oregon United for Marriage. Election security experts testify before House committee By Joshua Barajas. As Matt Daniels points out in places where this has gone to voters your side of the question hasn't done very well. April 14, - The Oregon Supreme Court's ruling voided the same sex marriage certificates issued by Multnomah county and registered with the state vital records office. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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