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There's more yuppie stroller mamas now than anything else. I don't know why, curiousity I guess, but I walked this entire hall, it went back straight for a bit and then turned left. I found it difficult at times not to laugh out loud at some of these Mine Shaft queens. Hence the "ex" status. It was like being in a bad play or a static photo shoot on the set of "Cruising. Rolls of paper towels everywhere.

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The bitchy queen looked at me with hatred in his eyes and said "No!!!

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No one has mentioned The Gilded Grape on 8th Avenue. And their something manager was found dead at some trick's apt. I went to Stella's a few times in its last days. No, unfortunately, I was not. I don't see how the landlord would then turn around and assign the lease to the same guy a couple of months later. Did any of you ever eat there?

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The 2am show is held here and varies in quality. New York was sexier then and more personal then I remember sitting in the bar and some girl walked in. El Hombre in back of Port Authority. It was frankly a little extreme for my tastes, but at least I can say I was there, AND, interestingly, I recently went to the restaurant which is today housed in the same exact location as the Mineshaft was.

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