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Tradition, after all, had to be respected and preserved! At its best, the Old Guard was protective of newcomers and elders alike, and offered a balanced and structured way to investigate sexualities that were challenging and demanding, and even sometimes life-threatening. It took the intervention of the Tactical Patrol Force — a militarised section of the NYPD — to restore order to the area after several hours. The Protocols, depending on from whom, when and where you learned them, or whom you were with at the moment, might cover any number of things, including: In July, members of Vanguard, a local organisation supporting hustlers and gay kids, picketed the venue in protest. Portal Glossary Index.

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UK Politics.

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In Europe younger men have combined the aesthetic and exploration of sexual power with the gay skinhead movement and social-fraternal organizations like BLUFfrom the late s. As they ran outside to escape the breaking glass, the police tried to grab them and throw them in their vans. Before many cities had a leather bar, there was a bike club, and its events provided the first real leather space for a great many guys of those early eras, including myself. When he died, the management introduced a 25 cent cover charge and hired Pinkerton security guards to harass the clientele.

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The event is California's third-largest single-day, outdoor spectator event [ citation needed ] and the world's largest leather event and showcase for BDSM products and culture.

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