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Topics Same-sex marriage US. Agencies, including OPM, the State Department, SSA, and HHS, took various actions to ensure that transgender Americans were treated fairly and without discrimination in the workplace, in official documents, and in the health care system. And if you do that, if you get involved, and you get engaged, and you knock on some doors, and you talk with your friends, and you argue with your family members, and you change some minds, and you vote, something powerful happens. You can't opt out because you don't feel sufficiently inspired by this or that particular candidate. The project of each generation is to bridge the meaning of those founding words with the realities of changing times—a never-ending quest to ensure those words ring true for every single American. There are well-meaning folks passionate about social justice, who think things have gotten so bad, the lines have been so starkly drawn, that we have to fight fire with fire, we have to do the same things to the Republicans that they do to us, adopt their tactics, say whatever works, make up stuff about the other side. Cast dozens of votes to take away health insurance from ordinary Americans.

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The Civil Rights Act didn't end racism, but it made things better.

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And even those countries that didn't abide by those principles were still subject to shame and still had to at least give lip service for the idea. America should be very proud. That's what this moment's about. There was a lot more work to do.

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After the United States v.

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