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Below are your best manscaping options. Does this make these gym bros any less manly? Someone may appreciate it. As with waxing, results last around a month. The point about muscle-bros shaving is right-on. As with shaving your face use plenty of shave creamtake your time obviously and splash your boys with cold water throughout to keep skin taught as you shave.

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These manscaping heroes rock a well-trimmed mat of hair on the top half of their chest but keep the stomach area smooth.

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There are any number of reasons, from aesthetic to practical, that men may choose to trim their body hair, or manscape, if you will. One reason bike racers shave their legs is not for aerodynamic advantage. BUT I can get a quite the forest in my groin. Fans of this style tend to be 25 years and over, with a chest full of hair to be proud of, keeping the look defined with a quick trim over the summer. Some find it sexy. The pubic area is one of the most popular manscaping destinations.

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BUT you forgot one thing both here and in your eyebrows article: My chest is more-or-less bare, with 7 hairs around each nipple. There are several ways to remove unwanted body hair. Should you be trimming your body hair? Rinse thoroughly afterwards and apply a little antiseptic cream or tea tree spray afterwards to minimise irritation. Someone may appreciate it.

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